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Drafter subscription

Drafter Subscription

We provide highly qualified and experienced Cabinet Vision Detailers for your business.

By utilising our services, you can increase your production capacity, shorten your production leads times and improve the quality of your Cabinet Vision usage and documentation.

Our office possesses extensive experience in both the Australian and Polish cabinetmaking industries, and will become a vital asset in the sustained growth and success of your business.

Modern Kitchen


We perform the recruitment process on your behalf in one of the largest woodworking industries in the world - Poland, with a highly qualified and experienced talent pool for us to draw from. Utilising our local knowledge, we target qualified cabinetmakers with a minimum of 5 years drafting experience. We will create and place the ad on the Polish equivalent of ‘Seek’, shortlist candidates to conduct interviews and then have them undertake a sample drafting project in Cabinet Vision, before offering them a position in our team.

T R A I N I N G 

Each new drafter undertakes an intensive 2-week training with our General Manager, a Planit certified implementation, training and support specialist. Then, we then continue to provide ongoing training in collaboration with your drafting team, to ensure rapid achievement of the required performance level. In Australia training can be time consuming - one of your key team members spending time with your new employee; and expensive - onsite training in Australia costing approx. $1,000 per day. VDSAu offers you both - productivity and savings. 


All our drafters are, at minimum, Engineers of Wood Technology - we pay above the industry average, and secure top talent. Our General Manager and Drafting Supervisor are both Masters of Wood Engineering, with extensive experience throughout the industry. Having this level of skill, practice and expertise is a huge advantage for you. We review every project, collaborating with your Drafting Team to ensure there are no issues, and then work independently, only reverting to your team when required. We review our projects internally before sending them back to you and complete any revisions promptly.



The Polish kitchen industry is very similar to the Australian cabinetmaking industry, so we are well versed in Frameless Construction, System 32 and all major European hardware suppliers. For each client we create tailored guidance and standards, so we can focus on what's the most important for your company's productivity and profitability. We utilise a Project Management system to work effectively, provide workflow management and give you full transparency.

The way we work

Cabinet Vision Improvement Hub

Cabinet vision


Are you spending significant amounts of time drawing projects for approval, and then frequently having to make revisions and modifications based upon client/architect/builder instructions?

Submit your architectural/client plans to us, and we’ll provide you with the ‘drawings for approval’ – as well as making changes as directed by your client, trouble-shooting the project, and getting you ahead of the workflow curve.

Even large projects are suitable – existing clients send us large projects which can take up to a month to draw; but it is a month’s worth of work they don’t need to worry about, while we produce it here in Warsaw.

Business Meeting


Does quoting projects currently interference with your project management and production teams, and prevent you from winning more work?

Engage VDSAu to perform this task for you, we’ll set up Cabinet Vision Bid Centre using your costing structure and use it to generate pricing for your projects.

Allow your team to focus on the production workflow, knowing that we’ll provide you with accurate pricing you can then present to your clients, with minimal effort on your end.

Furniture Designer
Production drafting


To perform the most important part of the drafting process, we recruit experienced Cabinetmakers (Wood Engineers and Masters of Wood Engineering), with at least 2 years’ experience in a Drafting role, using comparable software to Cabinet Vision.

We train our Drafters specifically in your systems, and have the same Drafter work on all of your projects – learning your standards, and working to support your in-house Drafting team. We work during the Australian night, producing work ready for your team to optimise in the morning.

Drawings, joinery
On-Demand Cabinet Vision Drafting


In these uncertain times, with shifting priorities and requirements, VDSAu are proud to support the joinery and cabinet making industry with our ‘on-demand’ drafting service, where possible. If you need short term Cabinet Vision Drafting, or Joinery detailing, please contact us with the specific of your project, and we will generate a quote to perform the work. While this is not as aggressively priced as our full term engagement, it is still significantly lower than a full time employee rate.

Computer Tutorials
CAD and SolidWorks Joinery Detailing


VDSAu employ highly experienced and qualified wood Engineers and Masters, capable of performing joinery detailing in a variety of different software packages. All of our staff are highly experienced in the use of AutoCAD, with a number of our team also being certified SolidWorks specialists, so while we specialise in Cabinet Vision, we also have the capability to work with a variety of other software packages, as our clients require.

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior
Photographic Renders and Designs


VDSAu can help you improve the quality of your client presentations, and increase your sales conversions rates as a result. Send us your hand sketched designs, and we can quickly provide you with a set of photographic renders and computer generated plans, guaranteed to impress your clients – and at a very competitive cost.

on-demand, solidworks
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