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I N C R E A S E    C A P A C I T Y

We've all experienced it - the ability to secure more work and grow your business; but you're prevented from doing so due to capacity constraints in your drafting office, and the struggle to find quality new people. Utilising VDSAu, you can turn your drafting office into an area of strength, adding capacity and increasing throughput, allowing you to secure new work and confidently grow your business. Even better, we work while you sleep.

R E D U C E    C O S T 

When you engage VDSAu to increase your capacity, you get the added benefit of reducing your costs. Utilising our model, you can engage a high quality detailer at a very competitive price. With the high demand and low supply of quality draftspeople in Australia resulting in significant wage increases over the last 3-5 years, competition amongst cabinetmakers is continuing to drive wages up; VDSAu is your avenue to increase capacity while controlling your costs.

M A I N T A I N     Q U A L I T Y 

With the Drafting office being the brains of your manufacturing facility, it is critical to have it staffed with qualified and experienced draftspeople. VDSAu's business model allows us to recruit some of the best European draftspeople available, with a strict criteria in place and targeting the top of the talent pool, to provide you with high calibre drafters.


S I M P L I F Y 

When you engage VDSAu, there are no regulatory requirements for you to worry about; no employee inductions, no OHS/HR risks, no finding additional office space or setting up IT hardware. We take care of everything and have the tools required to succeed. Providing each employee with an i7 CAD Workstation and a 34’ monitor, and we assist you in setting up and installing Cabinet Vision for our usage. From an administrative perspective, we issue a single monthly invoice, covering all the services we provide

Meet our team


VDSAu Genral Manager

Czarek is a qualified cabinetmaker with over 10 years experience. Beyond the standard cabinetmaking qualification, Czarek has also completed his Masters of Wood Engineering and completed postgraduate studies in CAD/CAM systems and methodology and is a certified Cabinet Vision Implementation, Training and Support Specialist,


Czarek is responsible for the initial intensive training of all VDSAu Draftspeople, as well as their ongoing development and support. With experience in running a CAD/CAM Team of 12+ and further certifications in AlphaCam and SolidWorks, Czarek is a vital asset in allowing VDSAu to provide our service to the Australian cabinetmaking industry.


VDSAu Operations and Solutions Manager Rob Turner

Rob has over 15 years Australian industry experience, ranging from operating a CNC machine in the early days of nesting, to Operations Management, to being the CEO of a custom, high end cabinetmaking company with over 50 staff. During this time, Rob drove the company’s transition from CabinetWare to Cabinet Vision, understanding of the ever-increasing importance of software systems in the cabinetmaking industry – ‘the brains of the operation - with further investments made in ‘Solid Setup’ to drive productivity.

Rob created an external drafting office to support the in-house team. While a challenging and difficult task, this was eventually successful, and became a valuable asset for the company. After frequent enquiries relating to this team, Rob has taken the opportunity to relocate to Europe and launch a specialized Cabinet Vision drafting company to support Australian cabinetmaking businesses. 



With the launch and growth of VDSAu, Weronika is responsible for all key facets of the business; marketing, administration, recruitment/HR and financial management. Her primary responsibility is the day-to-day running of the company. She maintains a professional, hard-working and positive team environment, while fostering a learning culture.    

She has completed numerous tertiary qualifications, and worked in a number of different countries. Weronika speaks multiple languages; including fluent English (C2), making her a valuable asset in providing smooth communication between the office in Poland, and our Australian clients. As a Polish citizen she is an expert on European regulations and culture. After spending 4 years in Australia, Weronika has relocated back to Europe to launch Vision Drafting Services Australia.

Weronika also owns and operates an accommodation business in Poland, which she has grown to house over 100 guests per night over peak periods - she calls it a hobby.

Meet our team
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